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Which Youtubers Have The Best Custom Merchandise?

With YouTube becoming a bigger platform every year, nearly all content creators have merch that they can sell for fans to help keep the creator a float depending on how big the creator is. Having a huge subscriber following brings in money itself – sponsored deals, product adverts and other ways to generate revenue each month. For smaller YouTubers their merch helps them to keep creating content without having a second source of income.

So, who has the best custom merchandise? For big creator’s merch quality is better as the funds are bigger for more thicker and more precise embroidery – PewDiePie has launched a clothing brand, but more or less merch. It introduces more creative designs instead of having a name or logo on a hoodie or custom T-shirt. His merch offers incredible quality as the reasoning behind the prices, in which he came fourth and said that the reason for the price is sourcing organic, thicker quality hoodies and Tees.

For the pro scene – FaZe Clan has teamed up with famous clothing designer ‘Champion USA’, their first merch dropped in November of 2018. With the merch selling out extremely fast as it’s such a well-known designer supplying the printed hoodies for the collaboration. Their second collaboration is set to drop in April with just a restock of their last drop. Not only do this particular YouTubers/ pro player have merch, every pro team that are associated with Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legend’s have merch you can purchased if you’re a fan of the team.

For some YouTubers only one item is for their fitting – Markiplier having on just one item on his merch store that refers to his viral videos that are murder-mystery style series that touches in the topic if who ‘killed’ the gamer. Many fans have requested for him to release more styles and colours, but it doesn’t seem we’re getting them any time soon. Other YouTubers like Miranda Sings and VanossGaming offer more of a range of clothing and props – Miranda sings’ T-shirts are vibrant that display her face over the queen emoji and others that show her saying like ‘Back off haters’ and ‘Where are the baes at’.

Vanoss on the other hand offers owl-style mouse pads, key rings, magnets and hats, he is in full merch mode when it comes to a range of items. Vanoss even has a mystery box which sends out a range of items at complete random worth $100. He has also brought out a limited-edition range, but that sold out very quickly – especially the Vanoss branded plushie that is in the shape of his owl logo.

Whether you’re a fan of the merch scene or not – most YouTube stars offer a huge range of designs that look good enough to wear daily as they usually team up with a well-known supplier that offers great quality and pricing. Sometimes it’s a good thing to support your favourite Youtuber – it’s the same as supporting a sports team.

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