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Our Print Methods

Weʼre printing enthusiasts, thatʼs why we offer SIX decoration methods for your personalised clothing. Our range of print methods will ensure a professional, long-lasting finish that you can be proud of, so you can create the perfect impression when youʼre doing what you love. 

Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing

Direct to garment printing, or DTG printing, is a process that uses a specialised inkjet printer that applies ink directly on top of a garment. DTG ink requires cotton fibres in order to be able to attach itself to the garment, therefore, products composed of 100% cotton will produce the best possible print result. The cotton fibres of the garment will absorb the ink, creating a very durable flush print surface. Often, you will not be able to feel the printed design on the garment, as the design will feel as if it is ingrained within the fabric itself. DTG printing is an effective solution for short runs or full colour printing, as there are no set-up costs involved.

DTG Printing is great for:

  • High quality full colour prints
  • Smaller runs (starting at just 1 unit)
  • Cotton garments
  • Smooth print result
  • Retail-Quality finish

Examples of our DTG Printing

Direct To Film (DTF) Printing

Direct to film printing, also known as DTF printing, is the newest print process we offer at My Personalised Clothing. DTF printing uses specialist DTF printers to apply designs to heat resistant film, the ink on the film then undergoes a
curing process to ensure it can bond onto fabric before the film is then printed onto the surface of the garment. To ensure a bright and vibrant finish, the design is printed completely in white first and then covered by the rest of the
colours within the artwork, this means that DTF can produce even the most intricate of designs. The inks used for DTF printing are usually water-based pigment inks, which are specifically created to be durable and long-lasting
when printed on clothing and other merchandise. As the design is printed onto film first, DTF printing can be used on a variety of different materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon and organic blends, making it a very versatile print
process which can be especially effective on sportswear.

DTF Printing is great for:

  • High quality full colour prints
  • smaller runs (starting at just 1 unit)
  • Most fabrics
  • Intricate designs
  • Smooth print result

Examples of our DTF Printing

Screen Printing

Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is a print technique that uses stencilled mesh screens and coloured ink to transfer a design onto a flat surface. The ink is pressed through the mesh screen using a squeegee, and is only allowed to pass through the permeable areas of the stencil in order to
transfer the design. Screen printing is usually the most economical print method for producing large quantities.

Screen Printing is great for:

  • Large runs of the same design (50+ units)
  • Leavers hoodies
  • Any fabric
  • Long lasting print result
  • Traditional look & feel

Examples of our Screen Printing

Digital Transfer Printing

Digital transfer printing is a method that involves printing a digital design onto special transfer paper before it is then heat applied onto a garment. This process offers very high quality image reproduction, as the transfer paper is less porous than fabric, allowing for more ink to create sharp images and designs. Another benefit of transfer printing is that it can be used on almost any fabric, unlike screen printing and DTG printing, as the design is printed onto transfer paper before it is applied to the garment. This means that digital transfers can be used to print on polyester sportswear and waterproof jackets.

Digital Transfer Printing is great for:

  • High quality photo prints
  • Smaller runs (starting at just 1 unit)
  • Most fabrics
  • Intricate designs
  • Tight deadlines

Examples of our Digital Transfer Printing

CAD Cut Vinyl Printing

CAD cut vinyl is a popular method for printing single colour designs and sportswear, such as names and numbers on the back of football shirts. The artwork is cut out from a sheet of vinyl, and the excess material is weeded away, leaving only the design to be printed. The design is then heat applied
onto the garment, much like a digital transfer print. There are many different types of vinyl, so you can always achieve your desired finish. The most popular types of vinyl are matte, metallic and flock (which offers a soft, furry finish). CAD cut vinyl is great for short runs or express orders, as it is a fast application print process with no set-up costs.

CAD Cut Vinyl Printing is great for:

  • Vibrant single colour designs
  • Lettering, such as team names & numbers
  • Lower budgets
  • Metallic & glitter designs
  • Tight deadlines

Examples of our CAD Cut Vinyl Printing


Embroidery is the process of sewing a design, text or logo onto a garment using special coloured thread and an industrial embroidery machine (which is essentially a very big sewing machine). Embroidery provides a premium finish, with a desirable texture, which can not be achieved through any print method.
Embroidery is especially effective on heavier weight garments such as fleeces and jackets, and is also the favoured technique for decorating hats and caps.

Embroidery is great for:

Examples of our Embroidery

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