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The 6 Best Ethical Clothing Brands In The UK

As sustainability is becoming more and more frequently used in today’s world with many manufacturers using more ethical material and manufacturing processes. it’s now a selling point to give their consumers and promote more companies to follow in their footsteps and make more of their products from renewable sources, like from recycled fabrics, to using recycled plastics in trainers and shoes and last, getting their material sources from organic centred suppliers.

At My Personalised Clothing, sustainability is important to us when producing our custom clothing items, so, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ethical clothing brands from the UK.

#1 – Allsisters

The Allsisters brand is for women’s swimwear, but what they do differently is use renewable fabrics, but keeping their high-end reputation. Not only is their clothing brand to promote comfort and recycling but to be up to date with their seasons drops. Made for the eco-conscious women with their upbeat and active life style. Their philosophy – that’s stated on their website too, is to create sustainable and fashionable swimwear which also fits perfectly with the female body.

#2 – Beaumont Organic

In the name you can already see what they specialise in with their clothing brand – sourcing Organic fabrics to create their unique, and creative clothing that is a fixture of sustainable fashion. Beaumont Organic’s mission is all about using luxury organic, eco fabrics and making sure that their sourcing comes from fairtrade certified companies. They’re all for making a change when it comes to paving a way for more sustainable future of fashion.

#3 – Stella McCartney

Back in 2017 Gucci and other high-end brands came forward and said that they would not use real fur, but Stella McCartney has been doing so for many years, since 2001. For sustainability, Stella McCartney’s an avid vegetarian and it has always been her top priority. What’s great about her line is that not only is her products green and eco-friendly, she also spreads the word of sustainability and to stop wearing real fur.

#4 – Solosocks

From t-shirts, dresses and now socks – Solosocks were first launched on Kickstarter as an eco-friendly version to your everyday socks. What’s unique about these socks and the product in general is that once you purchase the Solosocks they come in sevens just in case you were to lose one you don’t have an odd pair.

#5 – PACT

The products from PACT are certified fair trade and organic cotton, their aim is to make sure the products they sell are sustainable, kind towards the earth and soft on human skin – they use long–staple cotton which is for a super-soft fabric. So, if you’re on the lookout for well-priced, high quality then PACT is for you. With organic cotton using less water than your ordinary cotton, their website has a counter on how much water, by gallon, they have saved by selling their organic cotton products.

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