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How To Wash Printed Clothes – 5 Top Tips

So, you want to learn how to wash your printed clothing? Everyone has found himself or herself in the situation where they wash their new garment for the first time, only to discover when they take it out of the washing machine that it looks entirely different. Whether that be a printed shirts, graphic hoodies, or any other garment, there are steps you need to take to help protect your clothing when washing. Like all clothing, a custom printed t-shirt or sweatshirt should be washed with care in order to prolong its lifespan. We’ve put together the following tips, to help ensure that your garments stay looking new for as long as possible.

1) Turn the clothes inside out

One of the easiest ways to preserve the decoration on your item of clothing is to actually turn the item inside out before you throw it into the washing machine. This doesn’t just benefit t-shirts but can also help to preserve the lifespan of your jeans and other wardrobe items like hoodies too. By washing them this way, you can prevent the colours from fading too fast which will ensure they last much longer.

2) Wash with cold water

When you’re washing clothes, cold water always beats hot. Unless your garments are especially dirty or you work in an industry where germs are an issue, there’s no real need to wash clothes with hot water and cold will do just as good of a job while also preserving the quality of the fabric and any printed image or text. What’s more, it will also consume less electricity which will help you save costs on your energy bill.

3) Tumble your clothes on a low heat

In keeping with the avoidance of heat, when you’re drying your clothes, try to avoid high temperatures as this can affect the look and feel of the material. If you’re really committed to maintaining the item, try to air dry your clothes as much as possible and never iron directly onto screen printed or embroidered areas as these can become damaged very easily. A clothes stand is a useful investment if you want to avoid using your tumble dryer completely and will help you air dry your clothes more efficiently.

4) Don’t use harsh detergents

Bleach and powerful detergent products can seriously damage your clothes, particularly if you use them regularly. Just as with hot water, there’s rarely a need to use harsh products on your washing. If you notice a stain, try using a stain remover stick on that specific area but don’t use bleach on the entire garment. Mild detergents and cold water will do the job of cleaning them just as well and will still remove marks and dirt in most cases.

5) Wash clothes with similar items

Just as with grouping similar colours together, it helps to wash similarly textured items together as well. This helps to limit the amount of friction that washing can cause and helps to reduce pilling of the fabric and minimises the risk of custom printed items becoming cracked or peeling. So, if you have a load of towels you need to wash, wash them separately from your t-shirts and other softer clothing items to keep the fabric soft and smooth for as long as possible.

Having provided quality printed clothing to the UK for over 20 years, My Personalised Clothing have learnt a thing or two about keeping garments pristine when it comes to washing. If these tips have got you thinking about creating some of your own printed tops or hoodies, please contact our team.

Washing machine cleaning colourful assortment of printed clothes.

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