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Printed T-Shirt Ideas for Your Whole Family

Whether you’re a young family heading out on a holiday or day trip away, or you’re older and are gathering the relatives for a family reunion, there’s nothing like spending time with your loved ones. One way to make any event more fun is with customised t-shirts that can serve as a souvenir of an occasion and are enjoyable both during and after your time together. And if you’re heading out to a busy location, such as a theme park or a guided tour, having t-shirts that you can easily identify can make finding everyone in the group that little bit easier. Here are some ideas on how to create customised t-shirts the whole family will love.

Colour-Match for Team Spirit

Planning some games for the family to get involved with, such as a game of football or tag? Why not create matching family t-shirts that everyone can wear to split everyone up into teams? This is a particularly good idea for larger family reunions or gatherings where each household can compete against each other in your game of choice, wearing their family colour, to fuel the competitive spirit and unite the family.

Create a Theme For Your Party Or Holiday

Why not theme your outing or party, such as a summertime theme or festive fun for Christmas. With a theme, you can then choose colours, fonts or images that relate to create a design that’s not only unique but fits with the style of the party or trip you’re taking together. For example, if you’re creating t-shirts for a Christmas party with your loved ones, you could choose red or green t-shirts with festive logos or icons that will show up clearly against the coloured backdrop.

Use A Snappy Slogan To Make It An Event Or Reunion To Remember

You could create a slogan for your bash to put on each of the t-shirts as a reminder of the event. From the fun to the sentimental, there are countless ways to jazz up a custom t-shirt with a personalised message that your whole family will enjoy. You could even keep things simple with your family surname on the back of your shirts or placed underneath your logo or image for a stylish design that is easy to achieve. If you host an annual gathering, customised t-shirts are an item you can all bring out every year to celebrate the event.

Make Your T-Shirt Designs Pop with Colour

If you’re designing t-shirts as a way of uniting each household or to make your family stand out at a busy location, colour is one way to achieve an attention-grabbing look easily and effectively. Whether it’s through the colour of the image or logo, or the t-shirt itself, there are plenty of options to choose from. Why not pick a brightly coloured t-shirt and place white text on top to really make it stand out? Or perhaps you want to pick different colours to group each family together at a larger reunion, for a style that matches a common theme but is still distinctive to help your relatives stand out.

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