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The Best Clothing Choices for Different Sport

The best workout clothes are carefully designed with the specific exercise in mind, enhancing your performance and ensuring you’re comfortable while you work out. Exercising is hard work and will leave you feeling tired, exhausted but also happy. You may not realise it but the clothes you wear can actually make a difference to how you feel at the end of your workout, from how comfortable your clothes are to how effectively the fabric wicks away sweat. These are the best picks for different sports and what you should consider wearing when you take part in these activities.  


The main thing to remember when choosing clothes for running is to ensure your movement is not restricted and to get well-fitted shoes that are designed to support your feet and ankles when you’re running. When you’re working hard, you’ll be sweating more too, so it’s useful to pick breathable fabrics like hoodies that wick the sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate quickly and keep your body from overheating. Polypropylene or synthetic fabrics are great for this as they’re lightweight and don’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.


Taking part in high intensity swimming means you need a suit that stabilises you in the water while offering support. Choose a swim suit or shorts that provide coverage and don’t drag in the water as this will limit your progress. The same can be said of swimming gear that doesn’t fit correctly, as this will affect how well you can move in the water and the resistance you experience when you’re swimming. Find a well-fitting swimsuit that supports your body but isn’t too tight or oversized. However, tight-fitting goggles and a swimming cap are essentials to keep chlorine out of your eyes and hair.


Golf is an outdoor sport so while layers are important, it’s worth remembering that breathability is also important, or you’ll wind up getting too hot half way around the course. This is one sport where synthetic fabrics with sweat-wicking properties may seem like the preferable option, but they don’t always interact well with each other. If you do decide to pick a manmade fabric for your base layer, such as a polo shirt, then consider laying it with a natural material such as wool or cotton. You also want to keep movability in mind, as you’ll be twisting a lot and need to have the freedom in your clothes to be able to do that without any discomfort or limitations.

Weight Lifting

With weight lifting, you need a wide range of movement which is why many men and women taking part in this activity choose to work out in breathable loose shorts and vest tops. This provides plenty of movement for your arms without being restricted by sleeves. Try to start your workout in a sweatshirt and jogging bottoms on top of your shorts and top to begin with while your muscles warm up and then you can remove layers as you go.

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