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What To Wear When Working From Home (Outfit Ideas & What To Avoid)

Whilst many things have returned to normal post-pandemic, one significant change is a lasting one – remote working. It’s a trend that continues to gain momentum, and for good reason. Why waste time and money commuting if you can effectively deliver your working responsibilities from the comfort of your own home? An increasing number of corporate jobs offer flexible working arrangements, including hybrid and fully remote options. Hybrid working, in particular, offers the best of both worlds due to its ability to combine the advantages of working from home (WFH) with the social benefits of in-person collaboration at the office.

The Importance of Appropriate Attire When Working From Home

As many embrace this new way of working, it is important to consider your presentation and appearance when working from home. Although you may not be sitting with colleagues or clients during the day, it is still important to maintain a professional yet comfortable appearance when working from home. Whether it be a video conference with a client or an internal catch-up call, you must still be presentable when remote working.

Today, we will cover our list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to what to wear when working from home, as well as some of our favourite outfit ideas.

Do’s – Clothing Guidelines for Effective Remote Work

Follow these essential clothing considerations for home working to strike the perfect balance between comfort and professionalism.

Adapt To Your Working Situation

Unless your company has set firm rules for remote working wear, it is important to be flexible depending on the situation. For example, let’s say you have a meeting booked with a colleague you have a close relationship with to discuss a project you are working on together; there is no need to dress up in a three-piece suit or boutique dress for a relatively informal catch-up. On the other hand, if you have a meeting with a potential new client you are looking to impress, it may be a good idea to wear something more formal.

Wear company-branded clothing

Wearing company-branded clothing, when applicable, is an excellent way to reinforce your affiliation with your organisation and maintain a sense of belonging while working remotely. If your company does not have personalised work clothing, why not create your own custom workwear to help strengthen your business’s brand?

Adjust to the weather

Whilst it is important to look professional, it is also important to be comfortable. Adjust your clothing choices based on the season to ensure comfort and productivity. Choose a suitable number of layers that allow for easy temperature regulation if you are going to be on a long video call, or if you will be presenting and exerting a lot of energy.

Man in smart orange sweatshirt waving to colleagues whilst working from home.

Don’ts – What to Avoid With Your Work-From-Home Wear

Stay clear of these common mistakes in your work-from-home attire to ensure your virtual presence remains sharp and presentable.

  • Avoid pyjamas – although it is very tempting to just stay in your PJs all day, not only do they look unprofessional but they can negatively impact your productivity and mindset. It goes without saying but make sure to change into fresh clothes at the start of each day.
  • Being too casual – As well as PJs, avoid wearing worn-out loungewear or tracksuit bottoms. If you wouldn’t wear it to the office, don’t wear it when working from home!
  • Overdressing – On the flip side, overdressing when working from home can make you feel out of place and uncomfortable. Don’t opt for formal suits or extravagant dresses unless a specific occasion warrants it.
Person sat working from home on couch in loungewear.

Outfit Ideas for Remote Workers

Now we have covered some of the basic principles to stick to, we will now suggest a few great outfitting ideas for when you are working from home.

Polo shirts

Polo shirts are the ideal choice for remote workers, as they offer the perfect combination of comfort and style. We stock a range of work polo shirts, specifically tailored to keep you comfortable and smart when on the job.

Our three favourite polo shirts for remote workers:


T-shirts make the perfect addition to any working-from-home wardrobe. Why not create something with a difference? Creating a personalised t-shirt with professional branding or your own subtle design makes a great talking point when on a video call.

The best three t-shirts to consider for your home working outfit:


Jumpers or sweatshirts can help add a professional touch to any home working outfit, particularly in the winter months. Designing a personalised jumper can be a great way to show off your creativity (when not too flashy) or branding.

The top three sweatshirts to consider for your work-from-home attire:

As remote work continues to be a prominent aspect of the modern professional landscape, the importance of choosing the right clothing for your work-from-home environment can’t be underestimated. Balancing comfort with professionalism is key, and it’s essential to adapt your clothing choices to various work situations.

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