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Embroidered Vs Printed – What Is The Best Choice For Your Clothing?

One of the common questions we regularly hear is whether you should opt for embroidery or print when creating your own personalised clothing. Embroidery & print have long been the most popular choices in the print-on-demand industry, and it is not hard to see why with the high-quality finish that is always achieved when choosing either customisation method. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks depending on the needs and requirements of your garment, which is why we have put together this useful guide to help you determine what the best option is between embroidered or printed clothing.

Benefits of embroidery

As a brief explanation, embroidery works by using an embroidery machine to stitch a design onto a garment of clothing. The machine uses a variety of threads to create the design and the complexity of the stitch pattern can vary between being simple or complicated.

Why would you opt for embroidery? Well, embroidery adds an extra level of elegance to garments, creating a raised texture that elevates the overall look and feel of your custom clothing. This raised aesthetic adds extra depth and dimension to the item of clothing, which many fashion experts feel creates a more premium look which is ideal for workwear and branding. In addition to the premium finish, embroidery is durable with great washability. By washability, we mean that the embroidered designs stand up very well to repeated washes without damage. As well as being a popular finish for workwear, embroidery is also ideal for custom polo shirts as it ensures that the finish is well-defined and long-lasting on the thicker fabric type that polo shirts are often made of.

Drawbacks of embroidery

Although there are many positives to choosing embroidery as your finish for personalised clothing, there are also a few drawbacks. Due to the complex nature of embroidery, it often costs more money due to being more time intensive than other finishing methods such as print. This is one of the most important factors that encourages people to opt for print over embroidery. In addition to this, embroidery is not suitable for some types of designs, such as highly complicated graphics or photographic images. Embroidery is also not recommended for some lightweight fabric types as it can cause the garment to distort in some circumstances, which is another important consideration to make.

It’s important to work with a printing specialist who will choose the best option for your design, which is where MPC can help. Get in contact with our team if you are unsure which method you should choose when ordering your personalised clothing.

Embroidery machine being used to add a custom design to clothing garment.

Benefits of printing

Now that we have looked at the benefits and drawbacks of embroidery, we must now evaluate print to determine which is the superior finishing method for clothing between embroidery or print. There are many different printing methods which can be used for custom clothing including:

  • DTG printing
  • DTF printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital transfer printing
  • CAD-cut vinyl printing

All of these work in slightly different ways; find out more about our printing methods. Printing is much more cost-effective compared to embroidery which is one major benefit. Furthermore, printing is much more versatile in the sense that it is possible on all types of fabric, including polyester. When the correct print method is selected, it enables clothing to be customised with highly intricate designs – it is even possible to add photographic designs by opting for printing! Some consider that printing is the better option for workwear Vs embroidery as it is much more cost-effective for bulk orders and large quantities. Usually, printing offers a faster delivery time as well, so if you are in a pinch for time, choosing print is an excellent option for time-sensitive projects and events. At MPC, we understand that some projects are time sensitive and require a rapid turnaround time. That’s why we offer a range of customisable t-shirts with next day delivery.

Drawbacks of printing

Although there are many positives to printing, there are also a couple of drawbacks. That being said, many of the drawbacks can be negated by the method of printing that is selected for a project, which is why it is so important to choose a trusted supplier who will always choose the best method for your project.

One common concern for printed clothing is that designs can sometimes fade over time due to washing and general wear – especially with poor-quality prints. However, at MPC we choose the best printing method for your specific design to mitigate this issue and ensure that your printed garment is always of the highest quality. Additionally, printed garments will not provide the same textured look as embroidered garments which is a consideration to make when deciding which finish would work best for your clothing project.

Embroidered or Printed – What’s the Verdict Then?

Ultimately, the choice between embroidery or printing depends on your specific needs. Budget, time constraints and design needs are all key factors in determining which finish is better for your clothing project. Whilst embroidery adds a unique, premium finish to clothing, printing offers superior versatility, and cost-effectiveness, enabling you to create more vibrant and intricate designs. For high-end branding and workwear, embroidery might be the better choice. However, for promotional clothing, personalised t-shirts and custom hoodies, many consider print to be the superior option.

At My Personalised Clothing, we offer both embroidery and printing services to cater to the needs of your clothing project. Our printing methods, including DTF and DTG, ensure you will always end up with a product you are happy with. Whether you choose embroidery or printing, we can supply you with personalised clothing that reflects your brand’s identity. If you are stuck between which option to go for between embroidery or print, please contact our friendly team. Or, if you already know which option you would like to go for, please fill out a quote or start your order online.

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