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What Custom Clothes Should You Make for Different Events?

What Custom Clothes Should You Make for Different Events?

Customised clothes have a multitude of uses, not just as a unique and quirky addition to your wardrobe. Whether it’s for an upcoming event, to market your business or to create a sense of unity among members of a club, these are some of the different ways custom clothing can be utilised for a host of different events.

Charity Runs

Charity or ‘fun runs’ are a common activity these days that lots of people like to get involved with – what better way to commemorate the event than with a t-shirt that everyone involved can go home with? Having a personalised t-shirt to celebrate your achievement and remember the event is a wonderful keepsake that is affordable to produce and helps to spread the word about your chosen cause or charity so that others can become more aware.

Stag and Hen Dos

If you want to create a fun and memorable souvenir of a friend or relative’s stag or hen do, a customised t-shirt is a great way to do just that. You can use text to let everyone know who’s wedding is coming up, who the bride or groom is, who the maid of honour or best man is, and so on. Or why not nickname the group and have matching t-shirts made up so that everyone can see who is part of the wedding party? It’s a fun way to add a personal element to the event and is a keepsake that everyone involved in the party can look back on and reminisce over in years to come.

Freshers Fair

If you’re a college or university hosting a fresher’s fair, custom t-shirts or custom hoodies are a great way to set yourself apart from students to easily let visitors know where they can go for advice or to ask questions. You can create clothing that includes the university’s logo and name, or even have text on to let students know they can ask you questions if they need help. It helps your staff to stand out from the busy crowd and also creates a sense or professionalism and community.

Exhibitions and Marketing Events

Advertising and marketing are an expensive aspect of running a business, but instead of spending hundreds of pounds on TV adverts or billboards, why not invest in screen printed t-shirts to advertise your company instead? If you have a marketing event coming up, an industry exhibition or simply want to showcase your company branding as a small business, creating bespoke screen-printed t-shirts is a great way to market your company and services in a cost-effective way.

Clubs and Associations

Whether you host a hiking group, a games club or a football team, printed t-shirts work well for all sorts of clubs and associations. It creates a sense of belonging among the group, advertises your club to others who may want to get involved, whether it’s an accredited association or just a hobby for fun among you and your friends.

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