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The Rise Of Athleisure Wear

The Rise Of Athleisure Wear

Currently the athletic wear market is worth billion dollars which is expanding day by day due to athleisure wear. The market has hit individuals so rapidly that it has taken place in our everyday life. Still some people think that the athleisure wear market is a sinking boat but truly it is something booming every quarter of the year.

In this post we will be focused on what is athleisure how it started out and why it got so popular.

What is Athleisure?

In simple words, athleisure is a combination of Athletic and Leisure the meaning of the word according to Merriam-Webster, is a clothing wear which can be used for both workouts and general purposes. Anyone interested in mixing up casual and athletic wear has already adopted the fashion.

With different styles and fashion trends the athleisure wear has jogger pants, shorts, yoga pants, gym stringers, sports bras, hoodies, gym tanks, sweat wicking tees, shoes, sneakers and various other items.

How Athleisure started out?

It is quite difficult to point out the exact beginning of the trend, but we can state it to be present from 1970s when the fitness got its popularity.

The hype for fitness was getting popular and people started working out in their casual clothes. Sports brands started to make clothes especially for athletic exercises. With a push of new ideas, the novelty kicked in and the quality of sportswear got better with clothing made from nylon, Lycra, spandex and different synthetic cloth fibers. The blend of different clothing fabric aided in athlete’s performance making it highly comfortable for sporty purposes.

The basic functions included sweat absorbing capability, softer feel, and extra stretchiness. This caught attention of athletes and got positive remarks with its invention.  

The rise of athleisure

Casual clothing meant comfy clothing and nothing got the prize for it except activewear. With huge athletic brands converting to athleisure wear brands, the era of athleisure began.  

Why Athleisure got so popular?

Athleisure is not just a trend instead it is a lifestyle which is here to stay for long, here are the reasons why:

  • Athleisure is far more than mixture of urban, sports and fashion wear. It has transformed into a lifestyle and is slowly becoming a part of the culture.
  • The reason for athleisure to be so popular is because it is a mix of aesthetics of both industries; fashion and sports. Fashion provides a support for the sports while sports gives fashion a reason to stay.
  • Athleisure trend gives a positive response from the customers. When you start living healthily, your mind contributes to better health leading to a healthier life. 

For a non-athletic person it might be hard to understand that why the clothing really matters. But for an athletic person comfort and feel are the two most important aspects while working out. With the proper gear and clothing you can engage more in a workout and make it extra efficient. The quantity never really matters during a workout what really matters is the quality of the workout. With athleisure wear you are able to understand the true meaning of comfort while working out.

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