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How Printed Merchandise Can Help Raise Money For Charity

How Custom Merchandise Can Help Raise Money For Charity

So you have decided to raise money for charity and you are thinking about a solid idea to begin. Selling custom t-shirts for fund raising is a great way to succeed on the chosen cause.

Just imagine people wearing t shirts with your cause printed on it, this way they become free advertisers for your fundraising. The custom designed tee shouldn’t have to be something expensive or fancy, it can be a simple logo defining the cause in best way possible.

Before getting into fundraising using custom t-shirts, here are few points to remember:

  • Make the design as simple as possible to convey an instant message to the reader
  • Make sure the t shirt’s type is according to the cause
  • Make sure that it is something with good quality so that people can buy it
  • Make sure the prices aren’t too high and are in reach of every person. When selling remember to include shipping cost for the t-shirt

In the next tip we will be concentrated on, where to sell the t-shirts?

Where to sell?

Choosing the right platform is important to sell t-shirts for your charity, which are:

Selling on Sevenly

Sevenly is an online platform that promotes fundraising for social causes. They include special charity collectables, the items through which they get in touch with their partners, and provide a special item or tee for a week on their website.

For any product they include seven causes with seven different designs for every cause. Using this technique they have gained more than $4 million through sales.

Selling at a Charity Event

If you’ve made some shirts to raise money for charity, what better place to sell them than an event for that charity? Whether it’s a charity run, bake sale or just a fundraiser, you’ll have an audience of people looking to help the cause and more than likely they’ll be interested in the shirts you have.

Selling on Facebook

Facebook really is the place to be if you’re trying to sell something these days, with instant access to billions of users, it’s one of the best places to sell charity shirts, you can find groups of people who support the cause and want to help out. You can sell shirts on your page or the marketplace feature on Facebook.

What to do before getting started?

If you are finally interested in designing a custom t-shirt for fundraising make sure it is something attractive that people are tempted to buy and use on a daily basis. Make sure your designs are something simple and beautiful, having elegance in fundraising process is important, after all it is for a good cause.

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