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How To Use Printed Clothing Within The Workplace/Team Building

How To Use Printed Clothing Within The Workplace/Team Building

What type of business do you have?

Sound decision making is important when printing a company’s logo. This will help you to understand that what type of audience you are approaching and how you will like to approach them.

Understanding the different needs of workplace is important. The clothing needs of a construction site worker and retail store employee are entirely different. But both are professionals of their field and their clothing describes them prominently. The field worker will need clothing that is rough and tough and provides protection against the weather and different conditions; while a retail shop employee will require something that is comfortable and professional.

If we talk about the same industry then two businesses might need different logos. Take an example of a wine bar and a student bar, both will have different attires to give a clear signal to customers that what they are selling.

The difference between printing and embroidery

You might be thinking that now that I am done with my own business I really need a uniform to get my company’s name out there. Even with this in your mind you are still confused about how to actually add your logo to your attire.

Printing can be provided in various ways. Inks can be used to change clothing’s color or a simple design can also be printed on the clothing. No matter which style is preferred, it is able to deliver the design identical to your choice.

Embroidery is another way to emboss a logo. For embroidery, a machine is used to stich clothing thousands of times to come up with the desired design. This provides a professional look to the attire and is more durable than inks used for screen printing. Still this method requires a lot of care and maintenance to be performed properly and comes with its own limits.  

Both of the printing methods come with their own pros and cons which is important for you understand.

Suitable clothes for screen printing

Screen printing is ideal for t-shirts as it is easy to print large designs and logos on tees. For a staff that has physical work screen printing is the best option as they need regular replacements of clothing.

Embroidery becomes heavy for tees and stitching can become a problem. While printing can easily cover the front and the back of tees for printing larger designs.  

Suitable clothes for embroidery

Embroidery lasts longer than a lot of printing logos and is emboss to last the whole life of the garment. Which is important to consider that what type of cloth is being used for embroidery.

Embroidery fits perfectly with custom polo shirts and formal shirts as they aren’t subjected to heavy lifting and work. For retailing employees, embroidery is a more practiced way to deliver message to the customers and is used on outerwear and caps to give a professional appearance.  

When you are thinking about making a company’s uniform remember that what conditions your employees will be facing, especially in different weathers. As the temperature rises, you will have to keep your staff safe in the hot weather and provide them comfort in the chilling months of winter.

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