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The Most Essential Clothing For Winter

Winter is one of our favourite times of the year, and it’s important to remember that this wonderful season only really begins after Christmas. Although winter is great for lazy days and partying, it does also has it’s drawbacks: it’s cold outside, it gets dark far too early and being outside is simply unpleasant, so we’ve collected all the items of clothing you’ll need to survive the winter months as just wearing your custom t-shirt won’t be enough.


Hoodies are an item of clothing that is perfect for winter, they make for an excellent layer to stave off the cold, they’re soft, have fleecy linings and have thick hoods, all this makes them perfect for keeping the cold away.

As well, hoodies are versatile, they can be worn year round, not just in winter and with a hoodie you can get lots of various designs and even design your own hoodie.


Another top layer on the list, when it’s cold out, jackets are a necessity, not only will a nice jacket keep you nice and warm, but wearing a jacket will also keep all your other layers dry if it’s raining out allowing you go about your day once you’re safe from the elements.

Hi Viz Jackets

Hi Viz workwear may not seem like an essential winter item, but if you walk or cycle it is essential. As the sun sets earlier, you’ll need to wear a Hi-Viz if you’re out walking or cycling in the dark, this choice is less about the cold and more about safety, making sure that everyone else on the road can see you.


There is nothing worse than a cold head or cold ears in the winter months, so a sensible beanie should help keep you toasty whilst you’re out in the elements.

Athleisure Wear

On the surface, athleisure wear seems a bit of a strange choice for winter clothing. But when you’re out and about wearing a sports t-shirt as an underlayer and wearing workout leggings under your trousers will give you a bit more insulation and keep you warm whilst you’re outside and do a great job of insulating heat.

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