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How To Design Your Company’s Clothes

The clothes your employees wear makes a big difference to how your brand and business is represented. When clients come to your place of work, it shows that you’re professional and that your business is in order, as well as helping staff to stand out to customers. Additionally, having a professional looking uniform helps to encourage a sense of belonging and loyalty among staff.

There are a few things to consider when designing your company’s clothes:

Style – The style of a uniform should match the atmosphere of the business. For example, formal restaurants should have workers wearing button-down shirts, or tailored and branded blazers, instead of casual t-shirts with a logo. The clothes worn by staff members often indicate departments or status within the company, so this is something to consider when designing clothing that is coordinated while still defining. For example, perhaps the managers of the company wear shirts and ties, while retail staff wear matching uniform polo shirts.

Images – When choosing the imagery and logos for your business, opt for something clean and simple. You want your logo to be instantly recognisable to customers as well as help your workers to stand out to those seeking assistance in the workplace, which a good logo will help to achieve.

Words – Graphics are important, but your logo will likely not look complete until your business’ name is included. If your brand has a slogan include that as well. For companies which involve outdoor work, it’s beneficial to include not only the company name on the uniform but also a contact number so that potential customers know who to get in touch with if they want to get a quote for a project.

Function – Aesthetics are one thing, but your uniforms also need to be functional for what your workers will be doing when they wear them. Creating a uniform that makes workers feel uncomfortable when they’re performing duties will only lead to a decrease in productivity and an unhappy team. If your employees work outside, then the fabrics used should wick away moisture and keep your staff cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Likewise, coffee shops involve indoor work, but staff will likely be busy a lot of the time, so breathable t-shirts help to keep workers comfortable. If you run a construction company, hi-vis jackets or vests are best suited for health and safety reasons, as well as being a more practical option for use on job sites.

Colours – Colours can be incredibly powerful when it comes to branding and the colour you choose should reflect the goals of your company. For example, if you run an eco-friendly company, green is a great colour that evokes nature. Similarly, red and orange are bold, and encourage excitement and fun. Designing uniforms for a coffee shop? You may want to choose a brown shirt or t-shirt which is casual and understated, while still matching with the sector the business is in.

When designing your company’s work attire, it’s important to consider both the brand and the needs of your staff carefully. The right colour and style, coupled with a well-designed logo, will present the ideal image to your customers and help to establish your company as a trustworthy and professional business. Create the perfect custom uniform now using our easy online design tool…

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