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The Best Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day

The Best Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day

It’s very difficult to keep track of time within the current climate, COVID-19 has turned everyday life upside down and forced us to focus on adapting to a new way of living – where our home is also our workspace, our garden is the closest we’ll get to a holiday, and a simple grocery shop has become the most tedious ordeal, with even more queuing than before! That’s why it may be easy for the events that would usually be at the forefront of our minds to have become buried beneath the worry and uncertainty caused by the present pandemic. Although this may be the case, it’s important for us to return to ‘normal’ life where we can, and annual events like this upcoming Father’s Day can be the perfect escape. We’ve listed the best personalised gifts for your dad this year, so, while this year’s Father’s Day may not be a traditional one, it can still be the best yet. Read on for some great ideas…

1) Printed T-Shirt

printed t-shirt can be a great gift for any occasion, but there’s something about the novelty of a personalised slogan t-shirt that dads seem to enjoy more than anyone else, which makes it the perfect gift for Father’s Day. Keep it simple with custom text, or upload your own photo or image for a personal touch.

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2) Personalised Apron

There’s nothing more symbolic of Father’s Day than your old man sweltering over a BBQ (which he is probably too territorial over). But how will he prevent the spitting grease from ruining his favourite shirt? An apron of course! And not just any old apron – a personalised apron, emblazoned with a funny slogan or embarrassing photo, courtesy of yourself. This is a great gift that can be used over and over.

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3) Custom Baseball Cap

Baseball caps, or aptly named ‘dad hats’, have had a resurgence in recent times, and there’s nothing better to keep your dad from catching sunburn during the aforementioned BBQ than a printed cap. It’s always best to keep baseball cap designs simple and snappy – something like ‘World’s Best Dad’ should do the trick, just picture the envy on your sibling’s faces!

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4) Personalised Polo Shirt

There are few items of clothing within a dad’s wardrobe that are favoured over the versatile printed polo shirt. A polo shirt can be dressed up or dressed down, so no Father’s Day present will get more use. Add your own logo, image, or text to the front left breast or back shoulders for a classic gift.

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