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T-Shirt vs Polo Shirt – What Makes for the Best Workwear?

Confused which garment makes the best addition to your business uniform? Don’t worry – you aren’t alone! We have helped design countless uniforms for businesses over the years, and we always hear the same question; t-shirts or polo shirts? We thought we would take a bit of a closer look at the benefits of both to help you decide which garment is best suited to your uniform needs.

T-shirts vs Polo Shirts

There’s a wide variety of options when it comes to company clothing, from branded t-shirts to suits and ties. The main thing to think about when choosing your business’ uniform is the impression you want to give to customers, who the uniform is for and how practical the clothing is for the work your employees are going to be carrying out each day. Customised workwear is an affordable and beneficial way to showcase your brand’s identity and to develop a professional image that gives your customers confidence in your services and builds trust.

T-shirts and polo shirts are a popular choice for uniforms as they’re not only comfortable for workers but they’re easy to maintain and launder, so they ensure that staff always have clean and presentable clothing for each day for work. For industries where staff work physically demanding jobs, these garments are cool and comfy, as well as ensuring that employees can move about easily, they can also be used as uniform year-round for most jobs. But each can give a different look – so which should you choose as the basis of your company’s uniform?

Benefits of Polo Shirts

Printed polo shirts provide a smarter look and are ideal for retail businesses, restaurant staff or mechanics where more robust clothing is required. They have the formality of a shirt with the comfort of a t-shirt, and they can be purchased in a wide variety of colours to suit your company’s branding to create a nice design in-line with your brand. Polo shirts have a hard-wearing aspect to them, so they hold up well in a range of industries, from shop work to coffee shops and even construction companies where you want your staff to look put together and as part of a team, while still choosing a uniform that’s easy and comfortable to work in. If you want to give a more professional look to your employees, polo shirts are the better option.

Benefits of T-Shirts

For more casual workwear, printed t-shirts are a relaxed choice which can still look put together and professional with the help of logos and company names. Companies such as Apple choose t-shirts as their uniform as it fits well with the company’s ethos and style – friendly, easy-going yet stylish. T-shirts also make the ideal garment for marketing your business at events as promotional wear, as they set your staff apart from the crowd and help others to identify and associate employees with your brand. T-shirts are the ultimate comfortable clothing item and they make a great choice for uniforms as they’re practical and help your staff appear approachable to customers.

What is the best choice between t-shirts and polo shirts?

Corporate clothing allows you to market your company so it’s important that you choose the right style for your brand and your employees. After all, it’s how customers find staff and any time your employees are wearing the items, they’re walking advertisements for your business. Whether you go with customised t-shirts or polo shirts which have been branded with your logo; both serve as an extension of your brand and both are a comfortable and functional option for staff.

Choosing the best workwear for your team can be a challenging task, but it ultimately depends on the specific needs of your workplace and the nature of the job. Both T-shirts and polo shirts have their unique advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to consider factors such as comfort, durability, breathability, and style when making your decision.

Ultimately, the key to choosing the right workwear is to balance the functional needs of your team with their personal preferences and style. Whether you choose T-shirts, polo shirts, or a combination of both, providing your team with comfortable and stylish workwear can help boost their confidence and productivity on the job. By taking the time to carefully evaluate your options and involve your team in the decision-making process, you can select the best workwear that meets your team’s needs and helps your business succeed.

Need help in choosing the best clothing for your businesses uniform? Please get in contact with out expert team – we are always happy to help!

Group of three individuals outfitted in professional business workwear.

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