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Looking Ahead To The Biggest Fashion Trends In 2020

Fashion is always changing, everyone knows that, some things like hoodies and sweatshirts will stay in fashion forever, but in 2019 we’ve seen many trends come and go such as tartan trousers, bucket hats and a brief return of gothic fashion, so needless to say 2019 was a mixed bag when it came to fashion, but today we’re looking ahead to what trends we’ll notice in the new year.


Streetwear is a style of casual clothing that has taken elements from skate, surf and hip hop culture and is one of the biggest trends at the moment in youth culture, although streetwear has been popular since the mid 90s, it has become more and more mainstream the past few years, with brands like Supreme, Yeezy & Palace being at a premium and hundreds of more fashion brands jumping on the wagon to make ‘hype beast’ clothing.

So it’s only reasonable to think that 2020 will be the year for streetwear, with more and more people showing off their purchases of cool up and coming brands, streetwear is definitely a trend to watch.


There has always been a relationship between sports and fashion culture, there have been so many eye pleasing pieces of sports kit over the years across all sports, think classic NBA jerseys, wild alternative kits in football and tennis shirts.

But going into 2020 sportswear will see a boost in popularity, with brands like Nike & Adidas recognising that people are interested in wearing colourful sportswear, it’s certainly a market that will be tapped, furthermore the advent of athleisure wear has created the perfect market for people to express themselves with sporty fashion.

90’s Retro

Much like how at the start of the current decade 80’s retro clothing came back into fashion, 90’s retro is primed to make a comeback in the 2020’s. This can already be seen the resurgence of brands that were popular in the 90’s such as Puma, Lotto & Fila, making their way back into the public conscience and fashion brands bringing back the 90’s hallmark of bright colours, funky designs and a bit of weirdness.

So looking into 2020, it may be time to hit some vintage shops up, invest in some polo shirts, ski jackets and dungarees and you’ll be sure to be ahead of the trend in 2020.

DIY Fashion

During 2019, people became more aware about climate change and how their habits impact the climate. DIY fashion has become a trend in response to fast fashion. With many fashion brands being seen as unethical due to the waste they produce and the use of sweatshops, many people are taking to designing their own clothing to show off their personality with custom designs they made.

Things like custom printed t-shirts have always been In fashion, but with the DIY approach to style being more prominent than ever, we’re sure to see some amazing clothing ideas and designs crop up in the years ahead of us.

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