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How To Get Your Family Looking Good For X-Mas Photos

It’s that time of the year, it’s getting dark early and it’s cold outside, it’s officially winter! While you may not love the cold that comes with winter, we’re sure that you love Christmas, getting your family together, having a lovely meal and exchanging presents. But one part of Christmas that you’ll keep forever is the photos.

Everyone loves a good family photo, whether you just upload it to Facebook or send it out with your Christmas cards. So it’s important that the whole of your family are dressed to the nines, so we’ve come up with some great ways to ensure everyone looks good in that family photo.

Pick A Room With Good Lighting

This is one of the most important things to consider when setting up the family photo. Lighting is a key aspect of photography, so you want to find the best lit room in your house, whether that’s your living room, dining room or maybe just the landing, good lighting will make or break your photo as good lighting will show off everyone’s face well, but bad lighting ends up with you not being able to see who’s who.

Sort A Dress Code

There’s nothing worse than trying to sort a nice family pic than having one of your uncles turn up in joggers when everyone else is wearing a shirt. So it’s good to let people know what to wear when coming over for Christmas dinner, this could be simple like everyone to just dress smart, or if you’re more creative you can get Christmas themed personalised t-shirts, or a custom sweatshirts that fit your families X-mas theme, to make sure everyone is matching in your photo.

Take The Photo Before Dinner

When do you look best on Christmas day? It may be in the morning, you might be feeling good when you’re opening presents, but after 3 plates of turkey roast & a few beers you’ll likely be feeling bloated and not in the best condition to be photographed. So we advise that you take your photo before you’ve eaten 3,000 calories of roast dinner.

Make Sure Someone Has A Good Camera

This final point is one of the more simple ones, if you have a cousin with a nice camera ask them to bring it for the photo, no one wants to deal with working out who has the best camera phone or risking a low quality photo on an old beat up camera. After all you want your memories of Christmas to look nice and high quality for when you show them off to your friends on Facebook.

Now you have all the things to remember to get an amazing family Christmas photo, what you do with that photo is up to you, whether you hang it above your fireplace, keep a photo on your phone or just leave it in a box of treasured memories. If you’re really feeling adventurous, you could mix your photo into next years dress code and design a custom t-shirt with the photo to wear next year.

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