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Best Promotional Merchandise For Christmas (Updated 2023)

Before we know it, Christmas will be here again for 2023. After such a busy period in 2022, we’ve come up with some great ways to promote your business throughout the festive period. These promotional merchandise ideas are sure to create brand awareness and increase sales, so what are you waiting for, read on…


A simple, yet effective, promotional tool. Customise t-shirts with your logo, slogan or images to really promote your business. Use brand colours to really stand out and demand attention from potential customers – the sales will come flooding in.

Santa Hat

What could be more perfect than a Santa hat at Christmas? Add your brand logo to the bottom of the hat (usually a white area) for best results. The Santa hat has evolved for Christmas 2019, and is now available in sequinned and glitter versions; use these to stand out among the ordinary versions. Also, customers will regurgitate these hats every year; the reusable aspect will ensure the promotion continues for many years.

Tote Bag

An inexpensive way to promote your business. Tote bags are currently a runway fave; with many big brands creating their own range of designer versions. Add your business logo to these bags to create an awesome giveaway for your customers. Tote bags are becoming a very popular alternative to single-use plastic bags, which means they offer huge scope for brand exposure with relatively little cost.

Key Ring

A great way to spread the word. Once it’s on your keys, there’s a big chance that a key ring is there for life (or at least until you move house), so make sure it’s bright and eye-catching – use your brand colours to keep with your brand identity. 

Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is a winter essential, so why not personalise them with your business logo and slogan. Printed baseball caps have recently encountered a market boom, with many choosing to wear them for style over practicality, so you’ll be in the right market with these.


Gifting Christmas stockings will really spread the word and create some Christmas spirit for your customers. Add a personal touch by including free goodies inside such as, sweets, toys and other items relating to your business. Like the Santa hats, stockings can be reused every year, which means continued promotion for your brand.

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