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How Custom Fashion Has Become The Latest Fashion Trend

For hundreds of years, humans have had fashion and over time, trends have come in and out of fashion, what we wear has changed drastically and now what is in fashion can change in a matter of weeks.

But with all the trends that have come and gone, recently the trend of customised fashion has appeared and is gaining traction across all groups of people from trendy hoodie wearing hipsters to older generations in a shirt & tie who haven’t cared about fashion in years, so we’ll be taking a dive into why we believe personalised clothing has become part of fashion culture.

Self Expression

Self expression has always been a staple of the clothing world, people like to use clothing to show off their tastes & personalities, whether that be showing you like sport by wearing active wear, wearing band t-shirts to show your music taste or fitting into subcultures by donning their style.

So with self expression being a key part of fashion, it only makes sense that being able to design and personalise your own clothes is a natural progression, there is no better way for people to show what makes them special than to create something themselves and showing it to the world.


Years ago, getting custom made clothing may have seemed ludicrous for an average person, using custom t-shirts as an example, if you wanted to make yourself a bespoke t-shirt you’d have to buy a blank t-shirt then either use a low quality iron on template or find someone with a screen printer who could print your shirt for you, but usually use of a machine would be expensive or have a minimum production run.

But now with modern printing techniques getting a t-shirt printed professionally is cheaper than ever with digital printing. Also the advent of the internet and e-commerce has made it easy for companies like My Personalised Clothing to take orders, with you sending what t-shirt you’d like, what design you’d like etc, then they mail you the finished product.

A Move Against Fast Fashion

As fashion progresses, things quickly move in and out of fashion, which has resulted in ‘fast fashion’ wherein new trends come and go, meaning people buy clothes more frequently to be up to date to the latest trend, this results in a tremendous amount of waste generated by the fashion industry, which of course contributes heavily to various environmental issues.

So moving away from mainstream fashion and creating your own look has become a statement for people concerned about the environment, not paying attention to trends and creating what they like to wear for a long time, which makes custom clothing a niche in the sustainable fashion movement.

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