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The Power of Layering: How To Stay Warm and Fashionable In Winter

The cold months are upon us, meaning it’s all the more important to keep warm and layer up. If you absolutely hate the thought of layering up then you’re not alone – many of us struggle to team pieces together and look fashionable at the same time. Within this style guide, we will be establishing how to stay warm and fashionable in the winter without breaking the bank.

Why is layering up so important?

As the temperature continues to drop, layering up becomes essential for survival. Your risk of suffering from pneumonia or other related illnesses increases immensely when you don’t look after yourself during winter. So, to keep yourself warm at all points throughout the day, it is recommended to layer up clothing to keep the chill away.

How do I layer up my clothes?

When it comes to layering, there’s a common misconception that you can only put on the thickest clothes you own. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and in fact, it’s more beneficial to layer up thinner garments that are specially designed to keep the heat in.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to start with a tight layer of thermal clothing and then build up the look with t-shirts and sweatshirts until you are satisfied. Oh, and don’t forget your waterproof coat!

How to stay warm and fashionable in winter

While staying warm and safe should be your main priority, there’s still no harm in having fun when it comes to styling your winter clothing. With this in mind, more and more people are starting to embrace the world of personalised clothing and its benefits.

Personalised hoodies: For a truly unique piece of clothing that will be sure to keep you warm, why not treat yourself to a custom hoodie? These thick garments will keep you warm on even the iciest of days, and due to being personalised, no one else will have the same piece. Wearing a personalised hoodie is a simple yet effective way to prove that you can still look super fashionable during the colder months!

Custom t-shirts: Of course, you can’t just wear a hoodie if the temperatures have dropped to zero. So, to accompany your personalised hoodie, team it up with a printed t-shirt! Whether you design both of these items similarly or decide to do something completely different, you’ll feel incredible knowing that your outfit is not only unique, but warm and fashionable, too.

Woolly hats: If the weather is drizzly or snowing, then the last thing you’ll want is for your hair to get ruined. Luckily, there’s a quick solution for this – woolly hats! From funky patterns to plain colours, woolly hats are available in a huge array of styles that will suit even the most fashionable people. And, with the majority of heat leaving our heads, a woolly hat will be sure to keep you warm and cosy.

Durable coats: Your coat is going to become your best friend during the winter months, so invest in a durable one now and you’ll thank yourself for years to come. Features to look out for when choosing a coat include a hood, thermal insulation, a waterproof exterior and pockets. With these four things, you’ll be kept snug all through the day and all through the night.

Don’t let the cold months stop you from having fun

These top tips for staying warm and fashionable during winter will ensure that you don’t miss out on a good time purely because the weather is cold.

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