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What Is Workwear?

What is Workwear?

Workwear refers to the clothes worn to carry out manual work, so it needs to be durable and hardwearing. These garments may also need to be made from materials that are tear-resistant so as to protect the wearer from cutting or grazing themselves in the workplace. In industries where workwear must be worn by staff, it’s the duty of the employer to provide workwear and it typically has the company logo on it as well. Workwear materials undergo numerous tests for toughness, washing, grazing, seam and pilling, perspiration and tensile force tests to ensure they can stand up to daily tasks of the wearer.

What’s the difference between PPE clothing and workwear?

On the whole, workwear doesn’t need to have any protective qualities besides being durable and protective to the wearer. However, depending on the industry staff are working in, there may be a need for PPE clothing which are designed to protect the wearer from more than just daily wear and tear, such as flame-resistant items or high visibility clothing. Workwear is usually made from materials such as cotton, polyester and blended fabrics that are durable, affordable and wash well, and are designed to last a long time.

What items make up workwear?

Uniforms consist of numerous items, ranging from boots and jackets to t-shirts. Many companies require their staff to wear some form of protective footwear to prevent any injuries from occurring in the workplace, such as toe-capped boots or shoes. Another key item of workwear is trousers and either a formal shirt or a t-shirt to protect the upper body. Some uniforms may also include a protective or hi-vis jacket, depending on the role or the work environment. While companies vary in terms of what they require their staff to wear, the overall set-up of a work uniform is usually the same but will vary in terms of the materials used and the branding.

Workwear is designed to take care of the wearer throughout a hard day of work and to last a long period of time. It’s also made to withstand different weather conditions, as often industries such as construction or industrial premises require staff to work outdoors, so it’s important that the uniform can keep the wearer cool during warmer months and warm during the winter. With so many styles, colours and branding available now, workwear doesn’t have to be boring – old fashioned, traditional workwear is a thing of the past, but without losing any of the functionality.

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