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What is Digital Printing?

From bespoke uniforms that feature the company’s branding to t-shirts for hen or stag dos and custom event advertising, there are many uses for digital printing and a variety of products that can be created using this process. Digital printing is great for shorter print runs and is a cost-effective method of custom printing on demand. Advancements in the technology mean that this process of printing is becoming the go-to method for many industries, and software and equipment is evolving all the time, but what is digital printing and what does the process consist of?

What is the process?

Digital printing is the method of digital-based images like PDFs or desktop files transferred onto different materials, without the need for a printing plate such as with offset printing. It can be used for a host of different materials, from paper and canvas to synthetics, cardstock and fabric, and is the perfect method of printing for customisation and personalisation. The process of printing involves an image being sent directly to the printer using a graphics software like InDesign or Illustrator, then printed user a laser or ink-jet printer. It assembles the images from a set of numbers and formulas and then a balanced deposition of ink, toner and exposure is used to recreate the image. 

It’s an affordable solution that also saves a lot of time compared to other printing styles. There are various digital printing machines available to companies, including production printing presses which include cut-sheet digital presses, production inkjet printers, continuous feed and sheet-fed printers. The inks for digital printing include cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) toner and ink, but other colours can be added such as blue, orange and green, and metallic, white or clear for added effects. This allows for more versatility and options when it comes to creating unique and aesthetically-pleasing designs that really grab the attention of passers-by.

What can be created with digital printing?

One of the most popular uses for digital printing is custom t-shirts – digital printers can be used to print in various fabrics, from cotton and polyester to linen, making this a versatile process. Invitations, stationary, marketing materials, signage and banners are other products that can be created with ease. Digital printing only required a high-resolution file of an image and the printer does the rest of the work, so it’s a much faster and quicker process.

For companies who need a quick turnaround or for more urgent printing jobs, digital printing is a great choice. It delivers a sharper and more precise finish than other forms of printing like screen printing, and because there’s no direct contact with throughout the process, there’s less risk of the image becoming distorted. What’s more, the flexibility it offers makes it a great solution for customers who need something personalised and bespoke. Whether it’s a logo you want printed, a full colour image or text, digital printing can be used for any design or print that you can think of.

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