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What Is Workwear?

What is Workwear? Workwear refers to the clothes worn to carry out manual work, so it needs to be durable and hardwearing. These garments may also need to be made from materials that are tear-resistant so as to protect the wearer from cutting or grazing themselves in the workplace. In industries where workwear must be … Read more

What Is Screen Printing?

What Is Screen Printing? Screen printing is a popular process for larger orders of printed t-shirts and bigger designs as the process is efficient and helps the design to be maintained for longer periods of time. Screen printing is the process of creating a stencil design and transferring it onto the material using a mesh screen, ink … Read more

A History Of Winterland Concert T-Shirts

The History Of The Concert T-Shirt If you’ve ever been to a concert for a musician, you have probably seen a concert or tour T-Shirt. A nice t-shirt with a design (usually the band’s logo) printed on the front and dates of the concerts in the tour on the back. They are an essential pick up for … Read more

How New Technology Is Making Clothing More Eco Friendly

How New Technology Is Making Clothing More Eco Friendly Talking about the future of fashion then there comes a thought in all of our minds with 3D printed exoskeletons, bioluminescent qualities. With the rise in fashion industry, working with advanced technologies and material sciences has given designers access to go to extreme innovations. But all … Read more

The Rise Of Athleisure Wear

The Rise Of Athleisure Wear Currently the athletic wear market is worth billion dollars which is expanding day by day due to athleisure wear. The market has hit individuals so rapidly that it has taken place in our everyday life. Still some people think that the athleisure wear market is a sinking boat but truly it … Read more

Why The Hoodie Is The Perfect Winter Layer

Why The Hoodie Is The Perfect Winter Layer Not having the proper clothes for winter can become a drag for you. To make the outdoor activities comfortable it is important to have proper clothing & layers, so that you can keep yourself warm. A lot of people support the idea of having a three layer system, which … Read more

How Personalised Clothing Can Help Promote Your Business

How Personalised Clothing Can Help Promote Your Business Personalised clothing is a great way of promoting your company. You can turn your employees and customers into walking advertisements and let people soak up your brand, without shoving it in their face. It used to be something only big companies could afford, but now it’s a cost-effective … Read more

Which Printing Techniques Should You Choose?

Which printing techniques should you choose: screen printing, vinyl or digital transfer? When it comes to printing t-shirts, there are several effective methods you can use. Each of the following processes has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and the results you’re looking for. Screen Printing Screen printing is one of the most popular … Read more

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