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How To Care For Your Printed Garments

How to care for your printed garments Maintaining the quality and appearance of your custom printed clothing over time is important to ensure they stay wearable. Although the durability of the design does depend on the type of fabric it’s been printed on, it also depends on the way in which it’s washed. There’s an art to … Read more

How To Design The Perfect Logo

How To Design The Perfect Logo The logo is an essential part of any brand. In fact, it’s probably the most important part. It will appear on all of your marketing, it’s the focal point of your social media accounts, your employee’s uniform, your customers will associate you with it forever. Your logo is your brand. So, you … Read more

How To Make A Printed T-Shirt

How To Make A Printed T-Shirt Whether you’re looking to sell your original designs, or you simply want to unleash your creativity and produce some unique items for your wardrobe, printing t-shirts at home is a fun and relatively inexpensive activity. Screen printing may seem a little intimidating at first but it’s a lot easier than it … Read more

What Uniform Do Your Employees Need Year Round?

What Uniform Do Your Employees Need Year Round? When you’re working in a physically demanding job, your uniform needs change along with the seasons. There are few other industries where this is as important as in sectors where safety is a vital factor, such as in the construction industry, as what a worker wears directly … Read more

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