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What Uniform Do Your Employees Need Year Round?

What Uniform Do Your Employees Need Year Round?

When you’re working in a physically demanding job, your uniform needs change along with the seasons. There are few other industries where this is as important as in sectors where safety is a vital factor, such as in the construction industry, as what a worker wears directly impacts their health and safety. Workers should be careful to take into consideration what the weather is like with each passing month, as the hazards this can cause determine the different uniforms they should be wearing.

Year Round

Safety is a concern all year, so it’s important that you maintain visibility. All workers are required to wear a hi-vis vest or jacket when they’re working on-site, as with so many heavy materials and machinery around, it’s vital that everyone stays as visible as possible. Similarly, a hard hat must be worn at all times to prevent any falling objects from causing an injury. Usually, different coloured hats signify a different role on site, as well as a different colour again for visitors.

A good quality pair of gloves will not only help to protect the worker’s hands but will also keep them warm when working on projects as the weather gets colder. There are different types of gloves available depending on the type of work being carried out. For example, for workers dealing with concrete work, there are heavy-duty rubber gloves, whereas those exposed to electrical hazards will require insulated gloves and sleeves.

Your feet and toes are also at high risk of being injured due to the large amount of heavy materials being moved around the job site, so toe-capped boots are a must for protecting your feet from collisions or heavy objects falling on them. It’s also a good idea to have a pair of waterproof boots to prevent water penetration and the excessive cold from causing any discomfort. Whichever type of footwear you choose, it’s recommended that you find a pair that has good ankle support and a strong, slip and puncture-resistant sole for added protection.

Safety glasses and face shields should also be an everyday part of the uniform and should be worn any time the task could cause foreign objects to get into the eye, such as cutting materials or welding.


In hot weather, workers should be wearing loose fitting clothing, such as company t-shirts, as well as plenty of sunblock to protect themselves from sun damage. Working outside in the heat can lead to sunstroke if workers are not adequately dressed for the hot weather, so it’s important that the clothing is cool and made from a breathable fabric. While shorts may be tempting when it’s warm outside, they’re not recommended as they don’t provide enough protection, so trousers are a better option.


Staying warm and dry is the top priority for construction workers, or anyone working outdoors in the colder months. Opt for a waterproof top layer, making sure it’s breathable, and choose long sleeves and or uniform jumpers to avoid the cold. The base, mid and top layers should trap heat and insulate the body so that workers can continue to work comfortably in adverse conditions. Socks are also important during winter – lots of thin layers or thermal socks are ideal as they prevent excessive cold from damaging the feet.

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