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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Impacting The Fashion Industry

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic throughout 2023, and the narrative surrounding this will only continue to grow in 2024. Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it having a serious impact across many different industries. From generative text tools to powerful image-generation platforms, AI is not just a trend but a transformative force shaping the future of the workplace and society. But what does this have to do with the fashion industry? As is the case for many other sectors, AI is turning heads and making some serious waves in the fashion industry. In this blog, we dive into the hotspots where AI is shaking up the trend and bringing us a whole new platform of styles and innovations.

Artificial Intelligence in the fashion industry, represented by a wire model of a brain.

Your personal fashion guru

Personalised shopping is at the height of the retail market, and AI is making it happen. Brands are using machine learning to dig into your style, behaviours, and buying habits, giving you spot-on recommendations you didn’t even realise you needed. Take Outfittery – they’re using AI to curate custom boxes of clothes based on your style quizzes and feedback. It’s like having a stylist who completely encapsulates your clothing taste. Whilst all this new technology can be quite overwhelming, at My Personalised Clothing we have a team of expert human designers on hand to help you with any queries when it comes to creating your own custom hoodies, personalised t-shirts or more. Contact us today to find out more.

Trying before buying (virtually, of course)

AI-powered virtual try-ons are ready to save our time-poor generation a whole lot of effort and energy. AR apps are letting you virtually style your dream outfit before even having to open your purse. Gucci and Sephora are in on the action, offering fresh AR tools so you can see how items look in real-time from the comfort of your phone. Shopping just got a whole lot more fun and way less guesswork.

Google has recently gotten in on the action, releasing their latest virtual try-on for apparel, a new feature that shows what clothes look like on real models with different body shapes and sizes. Making those subtle but crucial details, like how something drapes, folds, clings, stretches and wrinkles more obvious based on your body type. The latest trends are adapting, and while developments are still in the works, every pixel and geometric is gradually becoming easier to showcase your editorial desires.

At MPC, our online design tool allows you to visualise exactly how your garment will look before you order. You can drag and drop text, images and even your designs, using a blank garment as your canvas. You will know exactly how your personalised clothing will look before you purchase!

A man trying on clothes virtually using an AI-powered metaverse headset inside his home.

Design goes next-level

Imagine a world where AI lends a hand in creating fashion designs. It’s happening. From sifting through data to sparking fresh design ideas, AI tools in the fashion industry are blowing our minds. Ever heard of The Fabricant? They’re whipping up completely AI-generated clothing designs that break free from the usual fabric limitations, allowing every fashionista the chance to showcase their ideas.

Collaborations happen in real-time across the planet, creating unforgettable multi-⁠creator digital collections that give all budding designers recognition and monetise our efforts for the long term. The community is a huge part of the revolution. NFT holders have the opportunity to create, trade and even wear digital fashion collections. Not only that, but all holders have exclusive access to co-creation events, private drops, free garments, learning classes and IRL/URL fashion experiences. The Fabricant is one of the most monumental AI tools in the industry, and in a new decentralised world, they are building the wardrobe of the metaverse.

Smarter supply chains

AI is giving fashion supply chains a major upgrade. Predictive analytics are helping brands forecast demand better, cutting down on excess production and waste. Adidas is on it, using AI to streamline their production, even bringing in robots to speed things up. Faster, greener, and more efficient—it’s a win-win for everyone!

Fashion with a heart

Sustainability and ethics are essential considerations in the current climate, and AI is playing a hero here too. With AI tools, brands can track every step of a garment’s life, from material sourcing to making it in the factory. Apps like Good On You use AI to check out brands’ ethical and environmental impact, so you can shop with a clean conscience. Discover our full range of eco-friendly clothing, all made from ethical or recycled materials.

Wind turbine shot against a blue sky with greenery in the foreground.

Where fashion meets the future

AI and fashion? It’s not just a quick fling. As technology keeps zooming forward, AI is here to stay, powering up designers, brands, and all of us dedicated shoppers. From personalised picks to checking ethical credentials, AI’s team-up with fashion is writing a whole new chapter of the industry to date. Get ready – this AI-fashion fusion is just getting started!

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