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When Do Your Employees Need to Wear A Hi-Vis Jacket?

When Do Your Employees Need to Wear A Hi-Vis Jacket?

There are many factors that determine whether an employee needs to wear hi-vis clothing, from the task they’re performing to the location where the work is taking place. High visibility clothing is an inexpensive way of protecting your staff and maintaining safety in the workplace. The most popular choice of colour is fluorescent yellow, often coupled with reflective strips to add extra visibility to the jacket.

For visibility in hazardous environments

Hi-vis clothing reduces the risk of accidents in busy areas where there’s regular traffic or hazardous materials, such as the construction industry or industrial premises. It’s also effective for motorcycle couriers to help prevent accidents or life-threatening injuries from occurring. Health and Safety regulations require staff in these types of locations and industries to wear high visibility workwear.

Likewise, in large storage aisles, warehouses or in environments where forklifts are being operated, hi-vis jackets need to be worn as a minimum of protective attire. Depending on what the lighting is like in the work environment and whether there is any electrical illumination, staff may need full body hi-vis clothing to ensure that any drivers or oncoming traffic can clearly see them. In traffic management positions, this is particularly important as clear visibility of oncoming traffic is vital for the safety of all staff involved.

To enhance security

High-visibility jackets aren’t just used by employees for safety but often they are used as an effective way of identifying staff and authorised personnel at a corporate level too. This is particularly the case at access-controlled areas where security can be an issue. With a hi-vis jacket, it’s easier for approaching visitors to find staff and security employees if they need to. Hi-vis jackets work well in increasing the awareness of presence of different staff members at events and provides visible corporate identity.

In addition to hazardous environments and for security purposes, staff need to wear hi-vis jackets in emergency situations and settings as well. Medical staff and emergency services require high-visibility clothing for numerous reasons, from differentiating them in a crowd or emergency situation to allowing them to be approached quickly during a commotion. In circumstances where safety may become compromised either through hazardous equipment, materials or due to a dangerous environment, hi-vis jackets help to alleviate some of the risk and keep your employees as safe as possible.

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