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Our Top 10 Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your outfit so we’ve put together our favourite costume ideas to help inspire you this spooky season.

The Addams Family

With Countless characters to choose from this is a family favourite. From Gomez, to Uncle Fester to young Wednesday and Pugsley plus more, you’ll be the spookiest bunch around. Top tip: the paler the better; gives off a touch of un-dead glamour.


You can’t go wrong with this classic. Originating in the 17th century, the Vampire has many forms, from the standard Count Dracula to the more modern Lost Boys, be sure to put your own spin on it to really stand out. Top tip: cover yourself in fake blood; couldn’t be simpler.

The Nun

This one is a new addition to the world of Halloween costumes. All you need is a nun outfit and some terrifying make-up and you’re good to go. Guaranteed to scare many. Top tip: It’s all in the make-up.


Old but gold. Personalise your very own skeleton tee if you’re short of time and wear with black jeans for an easy but effective costume. Top tip: anything glow-in-the-dark.


Another classic. Who hasn’t dressed as a witch for Halloween once in their life? Put your own spin on it with friends by going as the three sisters from Hocus Pocus. Top tip: customise your outfit to fit your inner witch.


The most terrifying of them all. Clowns have been scaring many for years, why not take it up a notch with Stephen Kings personal favourite; Pennywise. Top tip: hold a red balloon.


A spooky but cost effective costume for Halloween. Rip up a logo t-shirt (or a scary printed hoodie if it’s chilly) and sprinkle a bit of fake blood, flour and death on it and you’re all set. Top Tip: you’ll feel right at home on the set of Zombieland with a pair of creepy contact lenses.


The key to this is growing your hair prior to Halloween. The longer the better; add product to make it really unruly. Rip up a custom t-shirt Top tip: add some fangs for American Werewolf in London vibes.

Edward Scissorhands

If you like a challenge then this is perfect for you. Order a costume online or improvise with belts and leather; you’ll surely be the talk of the party. Top tip: don’t use actual scissors.


Our all time favourite. A must at every Halloween party. The striped suit, crazy hair and mouldy skin are all needed to create this classic costume. For couples, go as Winona Ryders character Lydia in her red, mesh wedding dress to ensure you’re the talk of the town. Top tip: don’t say his name three times.

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