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How To Design A Hoodie? 5 Easy Steps 

With the recent rise of athleisure wear in fashion, the popularity of the humble hoodie has grown rapidly; it seems everywhere you look, from fashion runways to the high street, everyone just can’t get enough of this casual essential. So, with the masses making the most of this snug top layer, why not stand out from the crowd and design your very own hoodie? 

At MPC, we know how important personalised hoodies can be for brands and businesses, however, a lot of people donʼt know how to bring their ideas to life and design their own hoodies. That is why we put together this super simple 5-step guide to see you through the process with ease… 

1) Choose your favourite hoodie type and material

First up, you need to decide on the style of hoodie you want. The hoodie is a very versatile garment that can be worn for different purposes and occasions. Hence, there are several different styles to choose from. At My Personalised Clothing, we offer a huge range of hoodies, from organic cotton hoodies to zipped and contrast garments, so you are bound to find what you are looking for.

With most companies making a big push towards sustainability, many are now opting for hoodies made from organic cotton or recycled materials to ensure they are reducing their footprint on the environment. Besides the obvious environmental benefits of choosing an organic hoodie, these hoodies can often be longer lasting than standard cotton & polyester hoodies. So, despite being slightly more expensive, an organic hoodie can be the smarter all-around choice.

2) Pick your base hoodie colour

When creating a custom hoodie, choosing the right material colour is an important part of the process. Whether your hoodie is for your brand or personal use, you are going to want your logo or design to stand out as much as possible. Choosing a contrasting base colour to the colours included within your logo is pivotal to the aesthetic of your hoodie, and this will help maximise brand exposure when the hoodie is worn.

Alternatively, if you are creating hoodies for a company, you may want to match the base colour to a particular brand colour and then build your design around this, to keep staff clothing within branding guidelines. At MPC, we specialise in printing custom hoodies for companies and businesses, so if you require brand colour matching, please get in touch with our friendly team of design experts.

A choice of three hoodie colours ready to add your own design onto.
Grey, white and black are three of the most popular base colours customers opt for when designing a hoodie.

3) Get creative!

Creating personalised clothing is all about expressing yourself and what you love. For best results, it is imperative that you get your creative juices flowing and have some fun!

When creating your design, firstly you need to think about what, or who, your hoodie will be representing. For example, if you need custom hoodies for your business, it is usually best to stick to simple logos and bold text for a clean and professional look. Whereas if your hoodie is for personal use or for a group of friends, you can be more playful with your designs using your own images and custom illustrations. At MPC, we have fine-tuned our online design tool so you can upload your own logos, artwork and illustrations, as well as add text and clipart to our entire range of hoodies, so you always end up with a design that you are proud of.

4) Position & finalise your design

Once you have settled on the design for your hoodie, you need to decide on the positioning of your artwork elements. The most popular area for a design on a hoodie is, of course, front and centre, as this ensures maximum exposure for your company or brand. However, depending on how you plan to use your hoodie, you may want to experiment with different logos and design placements. For example, personalised leavers hoodies are usually decorated with a logo on the front left breast and then a name and number on the back. This template is often also used by sports teams and social clubs. Alternatively, if you are looking for something more unique, you may want to consider adding a design to the sleeves of your hoodie, as this can provide a bold & eye-catching look.

All this talk of different design areas may seem daunting at first; in reality, adding your artwork elements to the different areas of a hoodie is very easy, thanks to our super intuitive design tool. Drag and drop functionality means you can effortlessly position your uploaded artwork in the desired area, and our ‘quick-snapʼ feature will allow you to place your artwork precisely in the centre of the hoodie if you desire.

5) Order your hoodie

And finally, the easy part!

Once you have finalised your design, it is time to add your hoodie to your basket and checkout. Depending on the urgency of your order, you may want to consider choosing a supplier that offers expedited shipping to ensure time demands are met. Here, at MPC, we offer many different shipping methods to cater for every deadline and every budget. Whether you need a super fast turnaround or are working on a tight budget, we can deliver your printed clothing via one of our UK or international shipping partners. We even offer free UK shipping on orders over £50!

Want to design a hoodie but still not quite sure where to start? No problem, that’s what we are here for! At MPC, our team of expert designers have helped countless individuals and businesses create perfect designs for their hoodies. We supplied custom hoodies for some of the largest businesses in the world, including Amazon and ITV – we would love to help you bring your vision to life. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you to express yourself or your brand through our customisable hoodies.

Man stood face on showing off a grey hoodie he has designed.

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