Design Tips

Looking To Design and Create Perfect Printed Clothing? Read Our Quick Guide...

At My Personalised Clothing, we understand that designing your own printed clothing can be a daunting prospect for even the most creative mind, that's why, as the UK's printing specialists, we've listed a few pro tips below to help you get started!

Whether you're a personalised clothing newbie, or a printed t-shirt aficionado, we hope that these tips will help you on your journey to design the perfect personalised clothing, so you can wear your creation with pride.

Designing On A Hoodie

My Personalised Clothing is the home of the printed hoodie, which means we know hoodie printing inside out (literally). Check out our personalised hoodie printing tips below...

- Our online designer has been developed to only display the optimum print area on each garment, that being said, bare in mind that the hood on a hoodie will cover the shoulder area when not being worn. It is best to leave a gap of approximately an inch between your design and the hood when designing on a hoodie, to ensure your design gets the exposure it deserves.

- Hoodies are designed to be worn as an extra layer, over a lighter garment, like a printed t-shirt. This means that, by nature, hoodies are generally more roomy than printed t-shirts and personalised polo shirts, due to this, we recommend that you avoid designing up to the edge of hoodies, as this can result in the sides of your design wrapping around your body and not getting maximum visibility.

Ordering In Bulk With Individual Personalisation

We understand that placing a bulk order for personalised clothing can be a chore, especially if it involves the repetitve task of adding individual personalisations, such as names, to the garments. At MPC, our aim is to ensure that the novelty and excitment of creating your own clothing remains throughout our ordering process, which is why we have devised a seamless (excuse the pun!) bulk ordering practice, which will save you time and effort when placing a large order with individual personalisation. Just follow the instructions below...

1. Select your garment and hit 'Click here to design'.

2. Add your design to your chosen garment using our super easy online designer (just create one template, entering text where the name/individual personalisation will be printed), then click 'BUY NOW'.

3. Select the quantity/sizes/colours you require using our simple ordering chart and click 'Add to cart'.

4. Hover over the shopping cart icon on the top right of your screen and hit 'Checkout'.

5. Leave us a note during checkout letting us know the individual names/personalisations you need printed and their corresponding sizes/garment colours.

Check Your Artwork

In order to create the perfect personalised clothing, your artwork needs to be spot on, so it gives a clear, crisp finish. Our online designer allows you to upload your own artwork to any garment on our site. You can upload your artwork in the following formats, JPEG image (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG image (.png), SVG image (.svg), with a maximum file size of 10MB. Before uploading your artwork to a product, check for the following...

- Visible Pixels: If your artwork contains visible pixels, it is most likely a low resolution file, which will not produce a perfect print result. Consider getting your artwork re-drawn before using it in order to produce the best possible, professional looking print result.

- Image Resolution: Resolution refers to the number of pixels that makes up an image. The resolution of an image is measured in dpi (dots per inch). Ideally, the best resolution for printing is 300dpi. 

- Background: Check if your image contains a background before uploading, as if you do not want a background printed, it is best to remove the background before uploading your artwork to our online designer.

If you have vector files for your artwork (.ai, .eps), please leave us a note during checkout making us aware of this, and email the file(s) to us at info@mypersonalisedclothing.co.uk.

Leave Us A Note

Once we receive your order, our graphics department will view your design and size your artwork to match the proportions shown in your visual as best they can.

Although our graphics guys are specialists in turning your artwork into a beautifully printed personalised garment, we understand that you may have your own ideas on how your artwork should be sized and positioned, which is no problem at all.

Whether it be to meet branding guidelines, a request for a client or just your own personal preference, if you want your artwork to be printed at a specific size, you can leave us a note within the 'Customer Notes' section during checkout to let us know the size that we are to print your artwork at. Your note will be picked up by our graphics department, who will size your artwork accordingly for you. It's as simple as that!