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Why The Hoodie Is The Perfect Winter Layer

Why The Hoodie Is The Perfect Winter Layer

Not having the proper clothes for winter can become a drag for you. To make the outdoor activities comfortable it is important to have proper clothing & layers, so that you can keep yourself warm. A lot of people support the idea of having a three layer system, which includes having a cozy mid-layer in between a thin inner-layer and a waterproof outer-layer.

The work of the base layer is to wick sweat while the outer-layer works as a protection from outer elements, and the middle layer plays the role of major insulation or to trap air. When it comes to three-layer system having specific materials is a personal choice but people usually opt for synthetic down, fleece, or goose down or it could be any combo up to your preference.

What layering do you actually need?

The insulation that you need depends on how much of it is actually required, and how cold it really is where you are going. If you are in a place that is snowy and cold then going for a mid-layer that is thick and warm is perfect.

If you plan to go for cycling around town or if you are going on a hike to hilly trails then you will need something that deals with sweat and moisture efficiently. If you are just going out to get groceries or run some quick errands then you can easily put on something that is stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Whatever your plan to do whether it is hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, snowboarding or a casual walk in the city having the perfect mid layer according to the situation makes the experience much more fun. In many cases having hoodie as a mid-layer can pull off in almost any type of climate provided the base and outer layer are used properly. Take the example of a “Fleece Hoodie” as a mid-layer:

Advantages of a fleece hoodie

custom fleece hoodie provides a soft and silky mid-layer experience. But when you buy a hoodie you need to make sure it is high quality and will keep you warm. A high quality fleece hoodie is made to trap the insulating air keeping you warm from the harsh cold climate. Providing proper padding to a hoodie makes it durable and long-lasting which is a key difference between a high and low quality fleece hoodie. 

A fleece hoodie will further include a snug hood having elastic binding to stop the heat escaping from head. If it gets hot in a zipper hoodie, you can always make use of the front zipper to ventilate air. When buying a fleece hoodie make sure it has zipper pockets to keep handy stuff within quick reach.

Fleece is one type of fabric that is comfortable to wear. However, in the market there are multiple fabrics that are being sold by different companies. Some even include a mix of different fabrics to make the product extra durable and comfortable to wear. Choosing the best fabric according to situation is important.

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