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How Personalised Clothing Can Help Promote Your Business

How Personalised Clothing Can Help Promote Your Business

Personalised clothing is a great way of promoting your company. You can turn your employees and customers into walking advertisements and let people soak up your brand, without shoving it in their face. It used to be something only big companies could afford, but now it’s a cost-effective way of marketing your brand.

Here are a few ways personalised clothing can help promote your business –

Contests & Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff – especially something as useful as clothing. You can give away branded t-shirts or other clothing as part of a special offer, or even just hand them out to people on the street. This will endear people to your business and make them associate you with a positive feeling. Not only that, you can turn these people into walking advertisements.

Get Your Design Head On

If you – or someone in your company – is particularly good at design, you could create a really exciting and fashionable product. It’s a great way to flex those creative muscles and make something that people will want to wear. Remember, personalised clothing doesn’t have to be boring – you can put whatever you want on there! Customers will be more likely to wear your branded clothing if you have put some time and effort into creating it.

Get Involved in Local Events

Local charities and sports teams are always on the lookout for sponsors and freebies. You could approach a local football team and provide them with a branded kit or get involved with a charity fun-run and give away your clothing as a prize. Associating your brand with a sports team or charity is a great way of gaining customer’s respect. Especially if you do it for free.

Walking Advertisements

This is probably the main advantage of personalised clothing for your business. Anyone who wears your clothing is a walking advertisement for your brand. People will start to recognise your logo and will be more inclined to buy your product or service. If your customers are willing to wear your promotional clothing, they are indirectly endorsing your brand.

Great Conversation Starters

Picture the scene: You walk into a meeting with a bright red hat with your company’s logo on and a fun tagline. People are going to ask questions. Even if they aren’t sure about your personalised clothing, it’s a great way to break the ice and let everyone know you’re confident about your brand.

Be Specific About Your Clothing

You don’t have to just go with a standard t-shirt. For some companies, a t-shirt is a great choice, but you can choose an item of clothing that is more specific to your business. If you own a gym, why not get branded sports-wear. If you are a construction company, get branded hi-vis jackets. If you run a golf club, put your logo on some high-quality polo shirts. You get the idea. This is another way to reinforce your business and brand identity. People will respond if they can associate the clothing with your business.

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